Rustic Outdoor Bridal Session | Callie / by Kelli Conley

Callie is the absolute sweetest person you will ever meet! So much so that when we did her bridal session (I was two weeks postpartum) and locked my keys in my car (and my phone and all my camera gear) she called AAA and waited with me while they arrived into the dark of the night! (Luckily we had got all the amazing shots you will see below, before I did this). She trekked though the woods, and fields to get some beautiful shots on this private property of a friend that we were able to photograph on. The weather turned out perfect, and we got a little bit of a sunset on an otherwise cloudy day. But Callie's personality brightened everything up regardless and you can see it in the pictures! Can't wait to see David's reaction to her beautiful dress on the wedding day!