Carowinds Bridal Portraits | Fort Mill, SC | Mina / by Kelli Conley

Mina has been planning her wedding for awhile now and was soooo excited when she told me the idea she had for her bridal session. It completely matched not only her, but her wedding theme as well. Once we got the ok we were all set, only one problem the dress came in and unfortunately was all wrong. We had to postpone the session, and with only a couple weeks before her wedding, she had to get a whole new dress. I have to give it to Mina though, she had such a great spirit and really rocked her session! After hanging out on the carousel at Carowinds we headed back to her parents house and took pictures in her mother's amazing garden. We had so much fun, Mina is a blast to photograph and I am so excited to be a part of her big day today!  

Special thanks to Julie and all the staff at Carowinds for making Mina’s dreams come true for her bridal session! It wouldn't have been possible without everyone’s help!2013-09-04_0018.jpg 2013-09-04_0019.jpg 2013-09-04_0020.jpg 2013-09-04_0021.jpg 2013-09-04_0022.jpg 2013-09-04_0023.jpg