Hilton Head Wedding Photographer | Honey Horn | Hampton Hall | Cierra & Daniel | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Daniel and Cierra are seriously made for each other. When I first met the two of them I could tell. After spending time with them during their engagement session I saw it again, and then during their wedding I knew it for sure. What especially hit me was all that their friends and family had to say about them during the wedding and during the toasts especially. I had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful Hilton Head wedding. (Which for a little bit I was scared we wouldn’t make it too because of the traffic! Luckily the groom was in the car in front of me so I knew we were both stuck in the traffic together. And due to planning some extra time in there from the getting ready area to the ceremony site we still arrived with 10 minutes to spare even though it took us 45 minutes to get there!) And what topped off the whole wedding was that my husband Robbie was able to photograph the wedding with me. We had so much fun being silly with the bridal party, hopping on a golf cart to get around the plantation, and then playing with sparklers and twinkle lights before they headed off to their honeymoon in London! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two!2014-09-03_0001.jpg 2014-09-03_0002.jpg 2014-09-03_0003.jpg 2014-09-03_0004.jpg 2014-09-03_0005.jpg 2014-09-03_0007.jpg 2014-09-03_0006.jpg 2014-09-03_0008.jpg 2014-09-03_0009.jpg 2014-09-03_0010.jpg 2014-09-03_0011.jpg 2014-09-03_0012.jpg 2014-09-03_0013.jpg 2014-09-03_0016.jpg 2014-09-03_0017.jpg

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