Photography Boundaries During the Ceremony / by Kelli Conley

The ceremony is one of the most, if not the most important part of the day. No matter how the ceremony is preformed, it is still the pinnacle of all of the moments of the wedding day rolled into one. When it comes to photographing that moment, we want to make sure that we capture every single tear, smile, and kiss but in a way that is not obtrusive and does not take away from the two of you on your wedding day. One of the most important details of this is talking with your officiant and knowing the boundaries to relay it back to your photographer. Whether your ceremony is in the church or out in the open; we need to know what areas are off limits and if there are any restrictions, i.e. no flashes, must not come past the first five rows of guests. By knowing these boundaries it allows us to be prepared and have the right set up to work around it and still capture amazing images of your ceremony.

Here is an example where we were told to capture every angle and there were no limitations. 2014-03-09_0001.jpg Same here except it was outdoors instead of inside 2014-03-09_0005.jpg This example shows a wedding where we were told to stay behind the last row of guests and that we could not use flashes. 2014-03-09_0002.jpg As you can see we were well equipped to handle either situation, but we had also worked with our brides to talk with their officiant and let us know what the boundaries were on their wedding day.
Do you know what the boundaries are for your wedding day?