Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas / by Kelli Conley

Flowers on the wedding day are extremely important when it comes to tying together both your theme and your colors! From your bouquets, boutonnières, reception centerpieces, and last but not least your aisle! The first thing brides think of during the ceremony is their flower girl throwing petals, or the flowers that will be up at the front where you are; but it really shouldn't end there. By adding flowers and/or some sort of visual element drawing attention to the aisle also further adds to your wedding days look and style. Here is one example of what I did at my wedding... =)

2014-02-23_0011(Photography by Clinton Mackinnon Photography)

And here are a couple examples of the aisle decorations I have photographed:
1) Jars of Flowers 2014-02-23_0002.jpg 2014-02-23_0007.jpg 2014-02-23_0004.jpg
2) Hanging Flower Balls 2014-02-23_0008.jpg 2014-02-23_0003.jpg
3) Simply Tied 2014-02-23_0009
4) In Vases on the Ground 2014-02-23_0005.jpg
5) Flower Pillars 2014-02-23_0001.jpg

What do you plan on having down your aisle on your wedding day? Comment below!!

Need more inspiration? Search ceremony aisle decorations on Google or Pinterest and you will find a variety of awesome ideas to inspire you to be creative for your own wedding!