Vasquez Rocks Engagement Session | Kasey & Trenton / by Kelli Conley

When I was out in California back in May to photograph my sisters wedding I had mentioned the possibility of trying to get some engagement pictures for her. I tell all my couples that an engagement session gives you a good idea of what it will feel like wedding day and you will know exactly what to do, think of it as relaxed practice... and it was no different for my sister. So when I land in Los Angeles, we decided that evening to drive up to Vasquez Rocks in Aqua Dulce and snap some pictures at sunset. When we got there Kasey and I were waiting for Trenton to arrive, as I was testing the light and my camera on Kasey we heard a ranger announce over a loud speaker that the park would be closing in just 15 minutes. We were so bummed, but I chatted quick with the ranger and found out that they were only closing to parked cars in the park (meaning he wanted to close the gate and go home) but if we walked back in to the park that would be just fine. So we all put out walking shoes on and headed back into the park and captured the last few minutes of golden hour with a beautiful view! Since this session was just days before the wedding, it wasn't until just a couple weeks ago that it was brought to my attention that I never fully posted these pictures! I uploaded a couple the day of their wedding, but this session was too pretty not to share more of it with the world!