Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Bridal Session | Charlotte NC | Christine / by Kelli Conley

I'm so excited to finally be able to share Christine's bridal portraits! She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and not to mention she brought along her vietnamese dress to change into at the end of the session. Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens was the perfect venue and although the sun didn't shine for us that way it didn't matter. I can't wait to show off her wedding pictures as she looked even more beautiful!2015-05-24_0002.jpg 2015-05-24_0001.jpg 2015-05-24_0003.jpg 2015-05-24_0004.jpg 2015-05-24_0005.jpg 2015-05-24_0006.jpg 2015-05-24_0007.jpg 2015-05-24_0008.jpg 2015-05-24_0011.jpg 2015-05-24_0009.jpg 2015-05-24_0010.jpg 2015-05-24_0012.jpg 2015-05-24_0013.jpg 2015-05-24_0015.jpg 2015-05-24_0016.jpg 2015-05-24_0017.jpg 2015-05-24_0018.jpg