Day 17: Your Charmed Life / by Kelli Conley

One of the things we want to do this year is find unique businesses across the country and feature the products they sell. First on this initiative is this hand stamped, personalized necklace. When I was looking for a vintage camera necklace, I knew I wanted something that put into perspective my love for photography and the dream of it being a huge part of my life. I found this necklace and not only loved the charm and vintage feel, but thought the ability to customize it to say whatever I wanted was so neat! Then to top it off, it also came with a gorgeous swarovski crystal. Then all that was left was deciding what to have it say... dream... seemed like the perfect word as that is what photography has always been for me and what I am so passionate about! Then all I had to do was wait for it to be customized just for me, and once it arrived I was overly thrilled and fell in love with it right away!   To purchase your own custom made necklace, visit Your Charmed Life at  Also, if you have a product or know of someone who does, and would like us to feature it here let us know at Like us on Facebook! Click Here!