David & Cara: Married - Mt. Pleasant, SC / by Kelli Conley

With technology today, I sometimes do not actually meet the bride until the actual wedding day! With Cara & David this was the case. Yes we talked on the phone a lot, exchanged emails, were friends on Facebook, the norm; but we had never actually met! When I pulled up to Boal's Farm, their wedding venue, I went up to David and introduced myself but didn't think to mention "your photographer" so after a couple minutes of talking I notice a complete change in David's demeanor and he laughed and said I'm sorry I just realized who you are, you are our photographer!! It made us both laugh hysterically and I knew I was going to love working with him. I then drove to downtown Charleston where Cara was getting ready and when walking in, I was immediately greeted with open arms and a hug! I couldn't have asked for a better couple to work with! I absolutely loved them both and couldn't wait to photograph their big day! The two of them met while attending the College of Charleston, but soon after grduation David whisked Cara away to Colorado; which is where they currently reside. I can tell that the chemistry between these two is one that is deep and will never fade! I can't wait to see what the future has for the two of them, and hope to see them again next time they visit Charleston!