Southend Engagement Photographer | Charlotte, NC | Jordan and Rob | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Jordan and Rob loved to go to The Liberty in Southend, and had gone on many dates there. So what better place to start their engagement session?! The two of them also used to live around the area, so we wandered around Southend and made sure to stop by their first home together as well as get some views of the city. The two of them were a blast to hang out with and I know their wedding at Providence Country Club will be amazing! 2014-04-20_0001 2014-04-20_0002 2014-04-20_0003 2014-04-20_0004 2014-04-20_0005 2014-04-20_0006 2014-04-20_0007 2014-04-20_0008