THE pod - Review with Photos / by Kelli Conley

Pro’s: Lightweight, convenient, steady, portable, easy to attach, and can be used on any surface.  It was so nice to be able to have it handy in my camera bag and be able to pop it out and put it on if I wanted more stability!Con’s: There is white wording on the lens strap (the companies logo), and after a couple times of adjusting it for my different lens’ it started to peel off. Other than that, this thing is awesome! In conclusion, this is a great product, and wonderful to use when a tripod is not an option, like in my scenario, or when you need something fast, portable and easy. I definitely see myself getting the silver one for when I use my zoom lens, and trying out the Cube as I have a battery grip on my camera (I had to take it off in order to use this), and the Cube adapts to support the lens with the battery grip still attached.

The Story: During our trip to NYC in December I knew that I wanted to get a night shot of the city from the top of a building, and a couple other shots that required a tripod. Once we landed, our first stop was B&H Photo! We went straight to the tripods, found the one we had been looking at online and purchased it. While walking to the register we noticed a display rack for THE pod. My husband had seen it online and had told me about it and we had done a little research on it so we decided to get the green pod and try it out. Well, it was a good thing we did. Later that night, we get to the top of Rockefeller Center and I start to put my tripod up and a security guard tells me that I am not allowed to have a tripod up there. I was so bummed and thought man the rest of the trip is going to stink because I couldn’t use my tripod. But lucky for us, we had grabbed that pod. It made its debut in Grand Central Station, and WOW was it awesome! It is so easy to connect to the camera; you just screw it into the tripod mount and then clip a strap around the lens to keep it in place. Any sort of semi-flat surface will hold the Pod, as it has beans or something similar that stabilizes the camera to hold steady while taking a photograph. I tried out a variety of shutter speed lengths to see just how stable the Pod was, and was impressed by the results. Below are pictures with the camera settings so you can see for yourself...

And here it is on top of the Empire State Building… remember I am 86 stories up and the building sways back and forth; so any sort of zoom lens would show some shake without a tripod, or in my case THE pod =)

Then just this past weekend in New Orleans, I took it everywhere with me and these are the shots I got!

Be sure to check out THE pod on their website, and feel free to pick it up from B&H photo or from one of the other fine retailers where it is sold!