Top Three Ways to Add Ambiance to Your Wedding / by Kelli Conley

The fact that it is your wedding day already makes it special; but sometimes you just want to add a little more to help create the mood and set the scene for how you truly envision your day looking and feeling. Here are the top three ways to add ambiance to your wedding: 1.) Lighting 

Whether it is up-lighting, twinkle lights, or candle light… the lighting will 100% set the tone and feel that you want guests to have that day.2014-04-13_00042014-04-13_00052014-04-13_0006

2.) Flowers

Flower arrangements, both size and placement around your venue can do wonders to add to the ambiance of your day. Whether you are looking for dramatic or romantic, talking to your florist and really using your flowers to pronounce your theme will help create ambiance in itself.2014-04-13_0007

3.) Decor

Having dinnerware, napkins, table cloths, statement pieces, etc. will all help increase the ambiance that you have going with the above two things. A lot of times brides and grooms will cut these items out due to budget and that is totally understandable, but if budget allows they make for an amazing addition to the ambiance of the day.2014-04-13_00012014-04-13_00022014-04-13_0003