Top 5 Outfit Ideas for Engagement or Portrait Session / by Kelli Conley

So last week I talked about some fun ideas for your engagement session, but what about what you should wear? This is the number one question I get asked by EVERYONE I photograph. And it is a good question to ask, it's not everyday you get photographed and you want to make sure the pictures look good. So I put together a list of the top things I mention when planning your outfits for your photo session. 1.) Know your Surroundings: Think about where you are getting your pictures taken. For example if you are in a field of sunflowers, it is probably a good idea to avoid green and yellow so you do not blend in to your surroundings.


2.) Change Outfits/Be Comfortable: I always encourage a change of outfits. Wear something that you are comfortable in but then maybe also wear something a little different than your norm too.


3.) Don't be Matchy Matchy: This is the big one. I always tell people to think of it this way. If you are wearing a pattern then you will want the opposite person to wear a solid or to layer a pattern with a solid. Choose colors that work well with each other and have accent colors from the patterned outfit be the solid for the other persons outfit.  2014-03-23_0006

4.) Layer: Layering is amazing. Not only does it add depth and dimension to the pictures, it also can lead to some fun poses and the look of even more outfits (i.e. a jacket, it can be photographed on, slung over your shoulder, and then also taken off)2014-03-23_0001

5.) Wear Something Fun: Life is meant to be fun, so not only should you wear something comfortable and something that represents your style... but also add something fun to it! Whether it is a favorite team jersey, cowboy boots, your favorite hat, any accessory will add to the session, your comfort level, and make the session a little more fun in the process!  2014-03-23_0004