Day 365: Happy New Year! / by Kelli Conley

I cannot believe that I actually completed this project! This year has blown by and all I can remember is sometime in mid-January thinking, how in the world am I going to take a picture every day this whole year! But this has been such a rewarding thing as well, and now I have a visual journal of 2011 to reflect back on. 
Through it all I have been so appreciative of all the positive feedback I received. It really helped me continue on as there were days I had no inspiration and then others when it flowed like crazy... but that is the nature of the project! I would suggest to anyone thinking about it to definitely take on the challenge. You will find that it will help improve your photography, and such a sense of accomplishment! 
And even though the Picture A Day project ends today, look out for similar posts next year! Also due to the feedback I have received I will be adding product reviews, comparisons, and tips & tricks I have learned! I am really excited about this so make sure to follow us into the new year!

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