Mentor For A Day - Springfield Middle School - Fort Mill, SC / by Kelli Conley

A couple weeks ago I got asked to take part in a job shadow by Alli, a Springfield Middle School student. For those of you, like me, who had no idea what a job shadow is... it is when someone shadows you during the process of your day in order to understand what you do in the hopes to someday do that same job. I was utterly flattered and said yes immediately! I love to share what I am passionate about with others in the hopes that they are able to turn their passion into a career as well! So I had her come along with me to Lake Haigler on the ASC Greenway in order to see what a typical photoshoot is like. We got to explore different lighting, settings on the camera, setting the scene, entertaining the client, and many other aspects of what goes into creating a successful photoshoot to get the images you want! As you can see our client Noah was such a stud, and was loving all the attention!  After all was said and done Alli told me that she "learned A LOT" and best of all, she had a great time! 

This was such a neat experience for me and I can't wait to see where Alli's photography will take her in the next couple years!
P.S. If you are wondering what is on the top of my camera, check back next week to see my review and find out where you can get one! ;)