Snow Day Across the Carolina's | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

As most of the world knows, we had a crazy storm sweep through the south which caused a large accumulation of snow. This has been the most snow we have seen in our almost seven years of living out here. We got to drive in it, play in it, sled in it, and most importantly photograph in it! There were also so many stages to this snow that I have now maxed out my iCloud storage on my phone with the amount of pictures and video I took, plus all the images I shot on my cameras. Below is just a small taste of what it was like over the past couple days with the snow!2014-02-14_0001.jpg 2014-02-14_0002.jpg 2014-02-14_0003.jpg 2014-02-14_0005.jpg 2014-02-14_0004.jpg