Day 168: Essie Nail Polish (With Review) / by Kelli Conley

Upon running out of my flat (this is key) light purple nail polish I decided to go on the hunt for something new! I had seen an ad for essie nail polish and knew that this was definitely the next nail polish I wanted to try. So upon purchasing it I tried on a simple coat and realized how thin it was and was immediately turned off by the fact that I am going to need multiple coats, which leads me to think about all the things I can be doing while I would be sitting and waiting for them to dry. It was up against tough competition though, as OPI is my norm and sets the standard high. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am impatient when it comes to drying and I am super tough on my nails. So I decided I would take it with me and go get a manicure, because if I am paying someone to paint them I am more inclined to wait for them to dry! Once I started to get them painted the polish was again going on really thin, and I was thinking man I am not sure I am going to like this maybe I should just tell her to take it off and grab a bottle of OPI... but I stuck it out. I let her apply a second coat and then patiently allowed them to dry. When I looked at the final result, I was sooooooooooo happy! They looked AMAZING, exactly how I wanted them to look; and so far I have yet to chip one them! Which is saying something as it does not take me long at all before I ruin my nails!
So let me summarize...
Pros: Looks fabulous and just like it does in the bottle when it is on,
Holds up to hard use of hands, i.e. does not chip, and
It is an awesome company with a cool name and great marketing
Cons: You have to apply at least two coats (so not for people in a rush), and
Around $9 a bottle, which for OPI users is comparable but for anyone on a budget it is a little pricey!

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