Charlotte Wedding Photographer | First United Methodist Church | The Big Chill | Elizabeth & Mitchell | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Elizabeth and Mitchell are so much fun! The two of them together is such a great combination. Their wedding in uptown Charlotte was filled with love from all of their friends and family. They also had an amazing bubble exit followed by leaving in a horse and carriage. One of the moments I enjoy most at each wedding is getting to sneak away the bride and the groom for just one more couples shot into the evening. This gives them one more time to really remember the evening and get to be with each other with no one else around! For this wedding we were able to do that under the lovely marquee sign right next door at the Dilworth Neighborhood Bar & Grill. That made an amazing ending to a beautiful wedding day. Thanks to all the vendors that made it possible:

Venue: The Big Chill (Tyler who did an amazing job coordinating)

Band: Shimmer

Florist: Lily's Greenthumb

Dress: J Majors Bridal

Rings: Diamonds Direct

Hair & Makeup - Simply Beautiful Artistry

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