Matt & Laura: Hitched! {South Carolina Wedding Photographer} / by Kelli Conley

Matt & Laura are very near and dear to my heart! Their wedding was so beautiful, and took place at The Ivy Place; the same location where their Engagement Session (view-able here) and Laura's Bridal Session(view-able here) took place. The two of them compliment each other so well! Through the months leading up to the wedding Laura and I were able to spend some great times together chatting about the wedding and everything that would commence that day. Throughout that time, I noticed the radiating love she had for Matt and how happy he has made her! I know they will have a great long life together and cannot wait to see what their future holds! They also had an awesome bridal party, that kept us all laughing the entire day... and believe it or not but your bridal party can make or break your wedding day. Their's definitely MADE it! =)

Special Thanks to all the Vendors:
Creative Solutions - Melanie Rowe Catering
Kris Philips - DJ Services
Photography - Me ;)