South Carolina Newborn Photographer | Virginia Tech | Baby Abri | Yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Little Abri was such a doll to photograph! She was so precious and slept for us almost the entire time. While setting up the shot on daddy's jersey she decided to give us a little surprise which ended in the cutest little smile. Both Whitney, Ryan and I were all dying laughing because we knew that this moment would go down in history, and hey the jersey can always be washed! ;) I know that Abri will have a lot of love this Easter and can't wait for her family to get to see her pictures.2014-04-16_0001 2014-04-16_0002 2014-04-16_0003 2014-04-16_0004 2014-04-16_0005 2014-04-16_0006 2014-04-16_0007 2014-04-16_0008 2014-04-16_0009