Happy New Year / by Kelli Conley

Our family has never been one to really make goals for the New Year. Yes I have my business goals, both short and long term and we have what we would consider well wishes or hopes for the New Year. But overall I know and trust that God will lead us to complete His will throughout the year whatever it may be. This year will bring about a huge change and one that we have been patiently waiting for and praying that is is His will; we will embark on building a house. Ten (almost 11) years ago when I moved to the east coast I never would have believed it. Our goal was always to head back to California and to figure out how to make life work there. But over the years God had a different plan for our lives. We grew to love this side of the country and planted some great roots that led us to purchase some land and take that next step in faith of building a home. I know that this year will fly by; with how busy our lives already tend to be, raising an almost 2 year old, and then adding building a home on top of it. But my prayers and goal for this year is to be present. To not miss the little things because I am so focused on this bigger thing, and to make sure I give the most of myself to Him and my family! Here's to wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! I can't wait to see how 2018 turns out! (Be sure to follow my personal IG @kelliconley for updates on the building process).