How To Include More of You in the Details of Your Wedding Day / by Kelli Conley

Over the last year I have realized a couple different things. #1 My brides are awesome and #2 this is their first time at this so they are not sure what to do. Five years ago I was in the same boat. It's not like there is a class on how to be a bride or how to plan a wedding. Most of the time you have a year to six months to plan it and have no idea where to even start. Therefore most brides look to the wedding vendors for advice on a variety of topics for their big day. So I have decided to put together all of the questions I get asked by posting a tip or the top few things about that question or topic on the blog.
Let's start everything off with a little tip that goes a long way. When it comes to the wedding day, brides are so quick to look at the latest trend that they often forget to look at what makes them who they are. Incorporate things that mean something to you, or about the two of you and your relationship into the wedding. Whether it is a DIY item or not incorporate it into the wedding because YOU want it, not because it is the latest trend. Once you decide on what those little details are going to be, make sure you let your photographer know. I absolutely LOVE to capture details, and they mean even more if they have significance and meaning to you as a couple.

A couple examples of this are seen in the pictures below with descriptions as to the reasoning behind each one. Leave us a comment below about how you incorporated yourself into the details of your wedding day!

1) Incorporate pictures into your centerpieces:

This couple worked to add a little bit of themselves into each table with a picture of the two of them at the age of the table number. This was a great conversation piece for the guests, and they bounced from table to table to see the couple at each age. 2014-01-30_0005

2) Incorporate your hobbies


This bride loves quilting and everyone knows how much she enjoys it. So her mom helped her work day and night to get these bunting/pennants sewn, in order to hang above the guests as a fun reflection of her in their wedding reception hall.2014-01-30_0003

3) Add pieces that mean something to you into your bouquet

This happened to be her something borrowed, but it was meant so much more. Her father carried this locket around for years with the picture of her and her sister in it. Something this small could have been missed but I made sure to ask the questions that prompted her to tell me about it that day so I could capture it. 2014-01-30_0006

Everything about this bride was something awesomely vintage from her childhood or family. She incorporated a variety of vintage broaches and handkerchiefs that belonged to her family into each of her bouquets. Which made for a beautiful and fun detail for everyone to talk about during the wedding. 2014-01-30_0002

This bride and her sister had a special bond, so she incorporated the Claddagh symbol pin into each of their bouquets. 2014-01-30_0001