Family Pictures at your Wedding / by Kelli Conley

We all know that Family pictures on the wedding day are a must. Family is what got us to where we are on that day and we want their involvement in our life to be documented on that day. I have a couple of quick tips for how to deal with family pictures on the wedding day. 

Make a list of all the family members that will be in attendance that day.

Next, decide Who in that list is important for you and your immediate family to have pictures with. You need to think that each grouping of family members takes approximately three - five minutes in order for us to gather the people, pose them, and get a couple pictures taken. (Photographers will take more than one picture of a family grouping because chances are someone will have their eyes closed).

Typically you will not want these pictures to take up more than 30 minutes of the cocktail hour.

The reason for this is, that means the remaining 30 are spent taking pictures of you. If you find that you have more family pictures than time allows, you might want to consider a first look. (Click Here! to see our post about first looks) We work one on one with our brides to plan this part of the day to make sure that we get the pictures they are wanting, not only of their family, but also of the two of them. 2014-03-03_0001 Hopefully this little tip will help you in planning out your family pictures for your wedding! Has anyone reading this had a good or bad experience during their family pictures on their wedding day? Comment below!