Vintage Find of the Week - Spruce Pine, NC / by Kelli Conley

So those of you who know my husband and I know that we absolutely love to go antique shopping. We frequent the local antique stores, and locate any and all we can find when we are on a trip somewhere. Lately we have come into some great finds so I decided I wanted to start blogging about them so everyone could see just how we happen upon the items that we collect, and the ones we use as props. I cannot say that I will be able to update this every week, but my goal is to update it as much as possible and to do it as fast as I find the item. For example when we are on a trip and find the item I want to photograph it (and possibly the antique store too) that day and blog it for you so you can be a part of the experience with us. 
So here goes our first vintage find of the week!

On a recent trip up to Spruce Pine, NC; we happened upon a wrong way up there (there are about 3 ways to get up there and I feel like we miss the first exit so we take a different way every time) but we decided to just go with it and as long as GPS was pointing us to our destination we were fine. So as we are driving on a back country road we spot this old two store building that had stuff on the porch and gentleman standing on the porch with a sign that said antiques. We swung a U-turn and hopped out of the car to find the man had owned this building for awhile and it used to be an old general store. He must have rarely had people stop by because the lights were not on and he informed us he would turn them on if we needed them. It wasn't that big of a place so we said it was just fine and carried on looking through everything. Now Robbie (my husband) is much faster at looking through everything than me so he was pretty much done with the place when I looked at some stuffed animals sitting on a chair and he leaned over and said aren't those neat. We both thought they must be handmade and something that was pretty much one-of-a-kind; so we snatched them up. The man who owned the place said he thought they were neat and just had to have them but that no one really had any interest in them since but that he was happy they would be going to us. As we headed out he told us that next time we stop by he would take us to a barn he had a couple miles away that was filled with other stuff he just had not put in the general store yet. Besides needing to get to our destination by a certain time we would have taken him up on the offer, just to see what he had stored there! 

Let me know what you think of our find... 
I have already used them in a couple photoshoots and love them!!