Should My Wedding Have a Grand Exit and if so, When? / by Kelli Conley

You have probably heard the words grand exit, and if not know that it refers to the bride and groom exiting their wedding with all their guests sending them off in one form or another. Grand exits can be a ton of fun and allow the bride and groom to be creative and incorporate their theme into another part of the wedding day. There is a long list of the different types of things couples use for their grand exits, i.e. sparklers, bird seed, bubbles, glow sticks, etc. and each bride gets more and more creative. Although the sendoff of the bride and groom is a huge part of the wedding day, most couples do not realize that we can actually work to incorporate the grand exit at any time of the day. We actually prefer that they be sometime earlier in the day, in order to provide you with better images, and get your guests out of their seats and involved in this big part of your day.    Below are three examples of different times in the day that you could possibly have your grand exit.   

1) Right after the Ceremony

This works really well if you have a separate ceremony and reception venue. The couple can exit into a getaway vehicle and drive around the block while the guests head to the reception and you family and bridal party get ready for the formal pictures.2014-02-09_0003

2) During the Reception

This works as a great segway into a group dance. For example, the DJ announces for everyone to get up and help to perform a "fake" grand exit for the bride and groom. Everyone will want to be a part of it, and it allows for the couple to take their time and play around while walking through the line of all their guests. Then the DJ will put on a song like We are Family, or the Cupid Shuffle to get everyone to move from the grand exit line to the dance floor. It works every time!2014-02-09_0002

3)  At the End of the Night

This one works well for weddings that are shorter and a majority of your guests are still in attendance. Sometimes when the party last a little longer and the bar has been open the whole night, it tends to be a little harder to get all the guests to cooperate; but either way we end up with great memories to end the beautiful night. 2014-02-09_0001