Justin & Renee: Anne Springs Close Greenway Engagement Session - Fort Mill, SC / by Kelli Conley

Justin and Renee are sooo cute together! We set up their engagement session at the Anne Springs Close Greenway Field Trail Barn, which is where their wedding will be held next year. They wanted to set it up for the end of April so they could see what the venue would be like a year from now when they are walking down the aisle. The whole week had been beautiful blue skys, but as they were driving down Renee called me and said it was storming in Charlotte and wanted to see if we should reschedule. Knowing the weather here I said lets meet up anyway because even if it does rain we may be able to get some shots dancing in the rain and usually after about 10 minutes or so the rain is gone. So as we both pulled up to the barn it started to get really windy and then sprinkled pretty hard. We decided to sit it out for a couple minutes and see what would happen. During that time I got to know Justin and Renee a little more and was able to see just how much I was going to love them, and taking their pictures! Then wouldn't you know it, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. It was amazing and we were able to capture some great images of the two with a beautiful sky and gorgeous sunset.  I can't wait to see the awesome things these two have in store for their wedding next April!