Laura's Bridal Session: The Ivy Place - Van Wyck, SC / by Kelli Conley

First off I want to say congrats to Matt & Laura! Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous this weekend, and the rain held off all day! Now I have the pleasure of posting her lovely bridals for everyone to see! During our session, Laura was such a good sport... it sprinkled off and on, while tiny inch worms simultaneously fell onto her and her dress! Both her mother and Genie (one of the owners of tThe Ivy Place) helped me keep Laura dry and inch worm free! (See image below) And to top it all off, during the session Laura had a bird poop on her! Luckily it graced her arm, and just missed the dress! Laura shrugged it off as good luck and we continued on. Then as we were packing up to leave a bird pooped on me! Luckily it landed on my giant head of hair, and Laura was able to help me get it out! So I guess the bird blessing both of us that day was a sign of how beautiful her wedding day would be! ;)