Day 334: DIY Zipper Pouch - For Mirrorless Camera's / by Kelli Conley

So story of my life, we got this camera with money from Christmas last year, bought the fabric to make it in July and finally had a chance to sew it two months ago, and just now getting to take a picture of it! But that aside, I realized once we bought the Sony NEX that there was no case for it in the US that I could find that would fit this camera shape, due to the lens. (Now that Nikon, Pentax, and others have come out with some similar camera's there is probably one out that I can buy, but oh well I wanted to make my own). So I went on a mission to find a burlap type fabric that I could add a purple lining too and make it my own. I then found a tutorial on youtube and sewed my little heart out until it was done. Then vuala I had the perfect pouch for my camera! Too bad it took me almost a year... the poor thing has gone through a beating the rest of the year without something protecting it! =/

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