Charlotte NC Photographer | Duke Mansion Bridal Session | Erin | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Erin is an absolute natural when it comes to being in front of the camera! And she was amazing at being natural in her wedding dress too! Her bridal session at Duke Mansion was amazing, we had gorgeous weather and to top it off she had caught the toss bouquet at the wedding she had attended the night before! Such a perfect sign that her bridal session and wedding would be amazing!2014-10-15_0001.jpg 2014-10-15_0002.jpg 2014-10-15_0003.jpg 2014-10-15_0004.jpg 2014-10-15_0005.jpg 2014-10-15_0006.jpg 2014-10-15_0009.jpg 2014-10-15_0007.jpg 2014-10-15_0010.jpg 2014-10-15_0008.jpg