My Carolina Town Magazine | Fort Mill Strawberry Queen | Dana & Brian Cake Smash Session | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Dana is such an amazing and sweet person! When I got the news from My Carolina Town that Dana was going to be a part of the cover and I read a little bit about her story (pick up a magazine to learn more), I immediately said this needs to be a couples shoot. I know personally that I could not do half of what I am doing without the love, help, and support of my husband... and Dana said the same thing about Brian!! I truly feel that a wife is only as good as the husband who stands beside her, and both Dana and I have amazing ones. Once she talked with Brian and he agreed to be a part of our little photo shoot I got inspired by my friend Sarah at Sweet Scene Cakes to do a Cake Smash Session... but of course we wanted to make sure we got some amazing shots of the cake and the two of them first! So below is the journey that commenced until Dana, Brian and their super adorable boys got to dive in and "smash the cake"! To get a copy of this magazine and read more about Dana and her story, in addition to some other amazing stories, visit your local Harris Teeter or Food Lion. You can also read the e-version here!

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