Dairy Barn Wedding Photography - Fort Mill, SC - yah Wedding Photographer / by Kelli Conley

Angela & Matthew are 100% meant for each other! I knew it from the moment we met, and felt the overwhelming love that they have for each other during their ceremony and reception! And even though the day started out snowing, which then turned into rain, and then into hail as Angela was walking down the aisle; we were able to sneak out at just the right time and capture some great pictures. I truly believe that everyone has a soul mate, and Matthew and Angela are the perfect representation of that theory!0213 0331 0379 0380-Edit-Edit 0391 0491-Edit 0594 0608-Edit-3-Edit http://www.yahphotography.com 0666 0818 1036 1101 1359 1431 1509 1844