Day 140: Scariest House Ever / by Kelli Conley

Tonight started out just like any other Friday night... while out location hunting, we came across an abandoned house. This did not seem out of the ordinary as we normally seek them out in search for the adventure of it Parked across the street, Robbie got out and went to check it out to make sure it was safe, and then came back to get me so we could check it out. Walking through the bushes we started to go towards the back left side of the house where there seemed to be an old barn or shed that completely dilapidated, Robbie said he would go on ahead so I could start taking pictures. I started to walk around the shed to get a side angle shot when I heard KELLI RUN, RUN KELLI, RUN!!! I turned around not knowing what to expect and saw Robbie running as fast as he could toward me. Not knowing what was going on I looked behind him fearing for my life and started to run toward the car as he was continuing to yell RUN!!! We got in the car and Robbie slammed it in reverse, me still not seeing anything but expecting something to jump out at any moment. Driving away I'm asking what is going on, what is it, what? Robbie while catching his breath (and realizing that he lost his flip flops while running for his life) said that while I was looking at the shed he turned to go toward the house and saw that the door was cracked open and had a bad feeling about it. Not one second later he said he started to hear human footsteps hastily running toward the door he was standing right next too; and didn't stay to find out who or what it was! Funny part of the story is that we got all the way down the road, when we looked to see what pictures we had got, and I had not taken a single one. That shows how fast this all happened. So we turned around and drove back and stopped in the street while I jumped up on the car and shot this picture showing the view from the side of the road. Needless to say this was the scariest thing that has ever happened to us, and we will not be visiting anymore abandoned places for a long period of time!

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