The Ivy Place Wedding Photographer | Lancaster, SC | Sara & Michael | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Sara and Michael are near and dear to my heart. From my first consultation with Sara, I knew we had hit it off to a good start when she showed me her wedding planning and inspiration notebook and one of the pictures she loved and that had inspired her was one I had shot and she had no idea! Then on the different occasions we met together helping her plan the wedding, engagement session, etc. she was just always so full of laughs and excited to see what I would capture her wedding day! Going into it the day we had the amazing opportunity of not only doing a first look, some pictures right after, but also some pictures at sunset too! After their first look we had so much fun capturing the two of them in wedding day bliss, then the bridal party joined for some fun. While we were shooting those the boys jumped up in the barn, and we thought wouldn't that be cool if Sara got up there with Michael for some. I mentioned it to her and she was like heck yeah help me up! We were able to capture some really fun and amazing pictures in the barn that she is sure to treasure forever. Then to top it all off, we had an amazing sunset. This led to a gorgeous bubble exit with all of their guests, and one of what I know will be Sara and Michael's favorite images up on the field. I knew from their engagement session that Sara loved silhouettes, so I asked her and Michael to trust me and for her to jump in his arms and the picture below is what I was able to get. I know the two of them will have a wonderful marriage with a lot of beautiful pictures to show from it! 2014-05-05_0001 2014-05-05_0002 2014-05-05_0003 2014-05-05_0004 2014-05-05_0005 2014-05-05_0006 2014-05-05_0007 2014-05-05_0008 2014-05-05_0009 2014-05-05_0010 2014-05-05_0011 2014-05-05_0012 2014-05-05_0013 2014-05-05_0014 2014-05-05_0015 2014-05-05_0016 2014-05-05_0017 2014-05-05_0018 2014-05-05_0019 2014-05-05_0020 2014-05-05_0021 2014-05-05_0022 2014-05-05_0023 2014-05-05_0024 2014-05-05_0025 2014-05-05_0026 2014-05-05_0027 2014-05-05_0028 2014-05-05_0029 2014-05-05_0037 2014-05-05_0030 2014-05-05_0031 2014-05-05_0032 2014-05-05_0033 2014-05-05_0034 2014-05-05_0039 2014-05-05_0035 2014-05-05_0036 2014-05-05_0038 2014-05-05_0040 2014-05-05_0041

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