The Charlotte City Club Wedding Photography | Charlotte, NC | Tamara & David | Yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

There is just something so magical about the wedding day! It is a day that the bride and groom have been waiting all year (sometimes more or less) for. Everything comes together so beautifully, everyone has fun, some people laugh, some people cry; and I just absolutely love to capture all of that on camera! That is exactly how David & Tamara's Wedding was, and I absolutely loved it! Leading up to the wedding Tamara and I met up a couple times, did her bridals, went over the wedding and all the while her father was very sick and had to take multiple trips to the hospital. Closer to the wedding as the two of us were finalizing the day she told me Kelli I do not think he is going to make it to the wedding. Staying strong she said my Uncle will be walking me down the aisle but we are going to try and have my dad there one way or another. When I arrived to The City Club on wedding day I was taken by surprised when I walked in to start taking pictures of the ceremony and saw an iPad on the sand ceremony table. Not really understanding I figured it might be something for the pastor to read off of (our pastor at church uses one on Sundays), and did not think anything more. Later on as the ceremony began, I realized that the iPad was propped up and that FaceTime was going! They were face timing with her father from his hospital bed so that he could be a part of the ceremony! It was such a sweet thing to do and I could not believe it. (See the pictures below) I know that although her father is still not in the best health that she will have a great and beautiful love story to share about not only marrying David, but also how her dad was able to be a part of their big day!2013-10-22_0018.jpg 2013-10-22_0011.jpg 2013-10-22_0012.jpg 2013-10-22_0006.jpg 2013-10-22_0004.jpg 2013-10-22_0005.jpg 2013-10-22_0010.jpg 2013-10-22_0001.jpg 2013-10-22_0002.jpg 2013-10-22_0003.jpg 2013-10-22_0007.jpg 2013-10-22_0008.jpg 2013-10-22_0009.jpg 2013-10-22_0013.jpg 2013-10-22_0015.jpg 2013-10-22_0016.jpg 2013-10-22_0017.jpg 2013-10-22_0014.jpg