Ivy Place Engagement Photography | Whitney & Andrew | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

It always makes me smile when someone tells me they love my work, because everything has a more candid feel and is not so “posey” but what a lot of people do not realize is that almost every shot has to start out in some sort of pose with a lot of direction. We are all not naturally smooth and candid, we feel awkward behind a camera especially because someone is watching our every move. With Andrew and Whitney this was the exact case. During our initial meeting, Andrew told me he didn’t want to be standing there putting their hands in the shape of hearts, and looking at each other with cheesy faces… and my response was “just trust me”. During the session I kept telling him just trust me and pulled out a variety of tricks I had under my sleeve to get the exact expressions I wanted, and their pictures turned out AMAZING! I cannot wait for their wedding next year in Charleston, the two of them will be just as much fun to work with down there! Whitney_1 Whitney_2 Whitney_3 Whitney_4 Whitney_5