Ripley's Aquarium Wedding Photographer | Gatlinburg, TN | Stefania & Paul | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Stefania and Paul are near and dear to my heart. Not only did they have to postpone their wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, they also had to move themselves and the wedding to another state. But life has its way of turning situations around and when one door closes, another door opens... this door happened to be Ripley's Aquarium of Smokies in Tennessee. When the day came, I was excited that there might be snow (there was some just the week before here in the Carolina's), but the weather actually flipped around and was beautiful and sunny! This led us to capture an amazing variety of pictures of the two of them. We started with their first look in the middle of the aquarium, then an intimate walk along the river just in front of the aquarium, then once the sun had set we used the lights of downtown Gatlinburg for some amazing night shots. What made this wedding special was not only the fact that their ceremony and reception were amidst the beauty of swimming rays and a surprise entrance from one of the aquariums penguins; but the journey that Stefania and Paul went on to get to the alter that day. And although it was tough, they made it and their closest family and friends were there to share the day with them! 2014-03-13_0001  2014-03-13_00022014-03-13_00032014-03-13_00042014-03-13_00052014-03-13_0007  2014-03-13_0006 2014-03-13_0014 2014-03-13_00082014-03-13_0015    2014-03-13_00132014-03-13_0017 2014-03-13_00122014-03-13_00112014-03-13_0016  2014-03-13_0010 2014-03-13_0009