Hightower Hall Wedding Photographer | McConnells SC | Kayla & Andrew | yah Photography / by Kelli Conley

Kayla and Andrew (Andy) are some of the sweetest and nicest people you will meet! Through the whole wedding process Kayla has been so much fun to work with! They say that when it rains on your wedding day that is it is good luck, I truly believe this to be true, especially for Kayla and Andrew! That morning there was crazy thunderstorms in the area, Kayla had to decide if the ceremony would still be outside. She said lets go for it, and everything was set up outside. Right around an hour before the wedding it started to sprinkle, but Kayla didn’t let it get to her. We proceeded as planned, taking pictures, getting ready and wouldn’t you know that in 15 minutes it stopped, the sun came out and it was one of the most gorgeous sunsets I had seen in a while. The two of them radiated with love for one another the remainder of the night and it shows through in their pictures. I know that Kayla and Andy will have a great life together and the rain only aided to that! Special thanks to the amazing vendors that made this wedding possible: Venue: Hightower Hall Flowers & Rentals: Ribald Farms & Nursery DJ: SMS Productions Dress: Bedazzled Catering: Caterer of Rock Hill Ring: Diamonds Direct Violinist: Amanda Ghent Cake: Lorie Collins Hair & M/U: Michelle Faile Officiant: Reggie Hopkins 2014-07-12_0001.jpg 2014-07-12_0005.jpg 2014-07-12_0006.jpg 2014-07-12_0003.jpg 2014-07-12_0002.jpg 2014-07-12_0007.jpg 2014-07-12_0009.jpg 2014-07-12_0010.jpg 2014-07-12_0012.jpg 2014-07-12_0013.jpg 2014-07-12_0014.jpg 2014-07-12_0015.jpg 2014-07-12_0016.jpg 2014-07-12_0017.jpg 2014-07-12_0018.jpg 2014-07-12_0019.jpg 2014-07-12_0020.jpg 2014-07-12_0021.jpg 2014-07-12_0004.jpg 2014-07-12_0022.jpg 2014-07-12_0023.jpg 2014-07-12_0024.jpg 2014-07-12_0025.jpg 2014-07-12_0008.jpg2014-07-12_0033

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